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Neurodiversity Mission Statement

Posted on: August 6, 2009

This is my mission statement as a Neurodiversity activist. Originally posted on my LiveJournal June 7, 2009 as Mission Statements?

I think I might have made something like a mission statement:

“Neurodiversity is about accepting that there is no normal human brain, that being different is okay,and to work together to discover how we all can participate to the best of our abilities in our lives…

…We are optimistic that with the proper supports and accommodations, positive attitudes, acceptance, inclusion and encouragement, that every (autistic) person is able to communicate, interact and contribute to society while meeting individual needs and respecting one’s sense of self and personal rights.”

(heh, my spellchecker wants to replace Neurodiversity into biodiversity)


3 Responses to "Neurodiversity Mission Statement"

It’s a bit puzzing why some neurodiversity advocates attack kgaccount on you tube when the mum is clearly not in the same camp as vaccines caused my son’s autism group. I’ve seen her videos. This is a woman you’d want on your side.

I’m not aware of what goes on youtube. The internet tends to be a rather large place.

Alas, neurodiversity tends to be a very individualized movement of thought rather than any organization movement. So it’s not like there’s a way to enforce any sort of order amongst any individuals, and the actions of the few may not be consistent with the views and actions of other neurodiversity advocates.

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  • Corina Becker: Hi Anonymous person who apparently doesn't feel like giving me a name to address, and thus hides behind anonymity!!! I never said the federal gov
  • Anonymous: I think that it is about time something is being done federally to help those with ASD to get much needed therapies for their disability and YES I do
  • Corina Becker: Hi Janine! Melody reads here? Awesome. I honestly had no idea she was aware of this blog.And thank you so much, I'm glad both of you like the bl


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