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Paraphrasing Pseudoscience

Posted on: September 2, 2009

I really shouldn’t be posting this, since I have yet to actually watch the show. I’m investigating how I can watch it while not in possession of TV entertainment services. However, who am I to pass up such a lovely review of the show. This particular quote, to be particular:

Mr. Lauer: “What do you say to those who accuse you being a fraud?”

Dr. Wakefield: “I’m not a fraud.”

Mr. Lauer: “Well, OK then.”

The rest of the most excellent article can be found here on rangelmd.


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  • Corina Becker: Hi Anonymous person who apparently doesn't feel like giving me a name to address, and thus hides behind anonymity!!! I never said the federal gov
  • Anonymous: I think that it is about time something is being done federally to help those with ASD to get much needed therapies for their disability and YES I do
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